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Floating Islands Bee Branch Dubuque

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Floating islands were recently installed in Dubuque as a final part of a project in Dubuque to daylight the Bee Branch creek. This creek was routed into a storm sewer decades ago and routed under the streets to the Mississippi River. It was the standard practice at that time to move water along as quickly as possible. Rain runoff from the streets was also routed into the storm water sewer with the creek which caused problems over time since the sewer can only handle a certain amount of water at any given time. The creek was brought back above ground in a major project by the City of Dubuque over the last couple years. The current ideas for handling surface water are to allow them to fluctuate and interact with the environment to deposit sediments and improve the water as much as possible before allowing it to move further down the watershed. Floating islands have been installed as part of this improvement process along the final section of the creek before it enters the Mississippi River. The plan is to maximize the contact the islands have with the water column flowing under to remove nitrates and phosphates to prevent them from traveling further down the watershed.


Dubuque Bee Branch Project

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