Efficient Pond Management


Efficient Pond Management is small company founded with the idea that we can improve a lake or pond using more natural methods than continually using herbicides and other harsh chemicals. Chemicals cover the symptom of the problem which is usually excessive algae and pond weed growth but do not address the underlying cause of this growth. Ponds catch and hold organics over time from lawn fertilizers running into the pond, crop land fertilizers making their way into the water and plant material like grass clippings and leaf debris blowing into the water. Reducing and controlling this organic load decreases the available “food” for algae and other aquatic plants to use to grow.

We can supply you with many materials that improve your pond using natural processes. Using these kind of pond management practices leads to a better pond that is more stable, healthy and requires less ongoing work to keep it in that condition. If you would rather enjoy your pond than work on it, it is a good route to go. We can ship material anywhere and can guide you and answer questions as they arise to make sure you are taking the right steps for a better pond.

Efficient Pond Management Handbook: A resource for the private pond owner.

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