Efficient Pond Management

City Park using Artificial Island


We are working with the City of Davenport, Iowa to install a floating treatment wetland into the pond located in Vander Veer Park. A popular city park with a botanical garden, fountains, walking paths, playgrounds and pond. People frequent the pond and so do many waterfowl. The pond functions as a storm water runoff catch and catches a lot of urban runoff from the city which contains a lot of fertilizer from lawns and salt from the streets. This runoff combined with all the water foul feces and food that residents feed to the ducks makes for a fertile pond. The city has been managing the nutrient load as best as they can and have fountains in the pond to circulate the surface water but the problem is growing.

The vegetative island will be planted from plants the city has from the botanical center to provide a visual point of interest anchored out in the water. Fencing will be installed along the edges of the floating island to prevent geese and ducks from getting onto the islands because they can be damaging to the plants and matrix of the island. Plants are most susceptible when they are young and have not established roots through the matrix which lock them into the island. After a couple months the plants are usually locked in and thick enough to discourage geese from trying to climb onto the islands.

The city is funding this by a grant awarded to them from the Iowa American Water Company which promotes projects such as this. They are looking for innovative and sustainable ways to clean and improve the condition of surface water. One of our most important resources. The link below will take you to a news paper article about this project written by the Quad City Times.


Artifical Wetlands will Clean up the Yuck

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