Efficient Pond Management

Pond Aeration

Lake and pond aeration is a great pond management practice that helps to reduce the risk of fish kills and also controls the amount of free nutrients in the water that algae uses to grow. Circulating the water column allows the water from the deep areas to rise to the surface to release unwanted compounds and absorb oxygen to be carried back to the bottom to create the righ conditions for bacterial activity in that area.

True aeration mixes the entire water column from top to the deepest part of the lake or pond. Bottom based laminar flow aeration is the only type that properly accomplishes this. That is a fancy way of saying that air diffusers are sitting on the bottom of the pond with a low pressure air compressor on shore that feeds them air to create the bubbles. A good design puts air diffusers in the deepest part of the lake and spaced out across the length of the lake to mix water in many areas. That way thermocline formation is prevented and water is oxygenated in as many areas as possible. One can never have too many bubbles going in a pond. It is a matter of cost for the equipment and cost of operation.


This diagram give you the concept but pond bottoms are never a perfect bowl and the aeration system needs to be fitted to fit all the valleys, humps, bumps and saddles that line the pond bottom.


A well designed and well operating aeration system has a dramatic impact on the quality of the lake or pond. All of the ponds that I installed systems were so much more stable and healthier than ponds without. It is a key piece to a good pond management plan and should be seriously considered.





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